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2018 will mark the centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. In SOFFA 24 we honour the so-called First Republic and salute the beginnings of Czechoslovakia’s statehood. Join us to celebrate this momentous jubilee!




The period of the first Czechoslovak Republic – beginning with the founding of Czechoslovakia on 28 October 1918 and ending with the signing of the Munich agreement in September 1938, which forced Czechoslovakia to cede its border regions to Nazi Germany – is for many Czechs an unattainable model shrouded in a veil of romance. Yet the young country had its issues, and things were far from ideal. As part of our celebration of the centenary, we seek to highlight that of which we should be proud, and to explore how the legacy of the First Republic has shaped the current generation. Two key symbols of the prosperous young nation were Tomáš Baťa and the city of Zlín, which we explore in our travel feature. In our architecture feast we discover Prague’s famous shopping galleries as well as interiors designed by Josef Gočár, Josip Plečnik and Adolf Loos. Our fashion photo story is staged in the beautiful Villa Winternitz and features the traditional Czech fashion labels Nehera and Tonak, among others. Prague’s Municipal House is where the birth of Czechoslovakia was announced, one of the reasons it is a must-see for any visitor to the magnificent city and for our readers. This issue will also take you to the newly revitalised glassworks Rückl and to four legendary First Republic cafés, which are all experiencing a renaissance. And since the first Czechoslovak Republic was really about people, our gallery presents famous personalities of the era. Interested in what Vlasta Burian used for light or what the motor racing legend Eliška Junková collected? Read on!



Paper offset-printed and perfect bound, full colour on high-quality 150 gsm and 300 gsm paper
Pages 160
Origin Prague, Czech Republic
Size A4
Language Czech
Edition 6000 copies


Date of publication:  December 14th 2017

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