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Issue 14 is dedicated to TRADITIONS and CUSTOMS. Journey with us to uncover the meaning behind various traditions, customs and the cultural heritage that has been passed from one generations to another!


One of the main reasons why we love and keep traditions, be they religious holidays or the unique customs of our family, is that they help provide a much needed order to our lives. After all, little is as certain today as the fact that Easter follows Christmas, and so on. Each culture and family has its own anchor points of tradition, and it is thanks to them that we can move forward in our lives, always aware of their profound importance. This issue of SOFFA proves how valuable they are to us.

In addition to many fascinating stories that explore various Czech and world traditions, this issue presents three new developments in the life of SOFFA, ones we hope will help us become an even better magazine. The first and biggest change is one you probably felt the moment you touched this issue, the beautiful new paper supplied to us by the firm Fedrigoni. Printing on paper is an age-old tradition and SOFFA is wonderful proof of its renaissance.

To make sure you are well supplied by paper, we have prepared a special gift for you – a stationary set designed by SOFFA – found on the back flyleaf. The writing of old-fashioned letters is a thoughtful tradition, so when you have finished reading this issue, sit down at your favourite desk, take a pen and our paper, and write a letter to someone near and dear. The excitement they will feel when opening the sealed envelope is irreplaceable!  

You have probably become used to the layout of the various themes in our magazine, so to give you a little jolt, we have added a new section on technology. We think this new element will be appreciated not only be men.



Paper offset-printed and perfect bound, full colour on high-quality 120 gsm and 250 gsm paper
Pages 160
Origin Prague, Czech Republic
Size A4
Language English
Edition 1000 copies


Date of publication:  April 13th, 2016

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